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Regular Shares Savings

Your membership at ProFed starts with your Regular Shares Savings Account. When you open your account, $5.00 is held in your savings as your share of the credit union. This makes you a member-owner.

What you do with the rest of your savings is up to you. Your savings can be used for any purpose. Save up for a rainy day, transfer funds to other shares or loans, whatever you wish. You can add two additional savings accounts and designate them for special events. Then you can set up automatic transfers from your direct deposit or checking account to help your savings add up. No matter if you want to keep all your money in one or three savings accounts, you earn the same dividend rate on each.


Money Market Plus

If you've got a significant amount saved, but you still want regular access, ask us about a Money Market Plus savings account. Money Market Plus has a tiered structure, so the more you save, the higher your dividend rate. Withdrawals can be made in increments of $100.00 or more. There is a low minimum balance requirement of $2,500.00. If your daily balance falls below $2,500.00 in a month, you will be charged a low fee.


Share Certificates

Share Certificates are a way to save set amounts of money for a specific time. Start with an amount, and then pick a term. The longer you plan to save, the higher your rate will be.

Most of the time, the amount you start with is the only deposit. However, ProFed offers the EZ Saver Share Certificate, where you can add more money, whenever you want. Start with as little as $25.00, and add deposits anytime through automatic transfer or ProFed Online Banking. You'll have a healthy sum at the end of the certificate term.

Start saving today! Check out all of our certificate rates here.


Traditional and Roth IRAs

It's never too early to start planning for your retirement. ProFed offers both Traditional and Roth IRAs to help you get started on a sound financial path. We have both Certificate and Share IRAs to meet a wide variety of retirement savings needs. You can also talk to a certified IRA Specialist.


Coverdell ESAs

Coverdell Education Savings Accounts (ESAs) are a special kind of savings for education. You can set aside money from your net income toward your designated beneficiary's educational expenses. When used for qualified educational expenses, distributions from the ESA are tax free. Ask us for more details. Check out our rates for ESAs here.



Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) work in connection with high-deductible health plans (HDHPs) to help individuals to save for medical expenses. The distributions are tax free when used for qualified medical expenses. Your employer can also make contributions. Unlike flexible spending accounts, your HSA rolls over each year. You don't lose what you've saved. ProFed offers lots of hassle-free features for HSAs, like a healthcare debit card and easy contributions through ProFed Online Banking.

Ask us for details, or check out our rates for HSAs here.


Club Accounts

Make saving easy with our club account options. We offer a Christmas Club, where you save your money especially for holiday spending. Each year on November 1, your account transfers to your savings or checking account, so you can start your holiday shopping.

Our Name Your Own Club gives you the chance to designate your savings goal and maturity date. Then when your time comes, your funds automatically transfer.

Start your own club at any ProFed branch.


Youth Accounts

ProFed offers opportunities for young savers, too. Our Great Start features special rates on certificates and free online account access. Young adults ages 13-26 can also take advantage of Student Checking.

Ask us for details.